Aging due to ultraviolet rays

◇UV light is the cause of aging⁉

UV rays not only darken the skin, but are also deeply related to skin aging. This is called "photoaging" and is distinguished from natural aging due to aging.

Photoaging refers to skin changes such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging caused by years of exposure to sunlight.
In addition to photoaging, there are other types of skin aging, such as natural aging due to aging, and it is said that about 80% of skin aging is caused by photoaging.

The main cause of this photoaging is considered to be UV rays, so it is very important to take "UV countermeasures" throughout the year to protect the health of your skin and to prevent skin aging.

◇Effects of UV rays on the skin

The effects of ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) can cause serious skin damage such as dryness, stiffness, wrinkles as well as pigmentation such as spots.

UV-AUltraviolet rays that reach the dermis and darken the skin. It can damage collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles and sagging.

UV-BThese are ultraviolet rays that cause inflammation of the epidermis. It activates melanocytes and increases melanin, which can cause spots and freckles.

◇「How to prevent photoaging

In order to prevent photoaging, it is important to take adequate UV protection.

The easiest way is to apply sunscreen. You can get sunburned not only in the summer when the sun is strong, but also when it is cloudy, when you go out in the winter, or when you spend time in your room, so be sure to wear sunscreen.

However, sunscreens are often left unapplied or run off due to sweat or sebum, even if you think you have applied it well.

Therefore, I would like to recommend the use of both "sunscreen to apply" and "sunscreen to drink".

You can protect yourself from UV damage from the outside with sunscreen that you apply, and take care of yourself from the inside with sunscreen that you drink.

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