Supplement Diagnosis (for skin)

Recommendation for you is

Shiratama Skin (means Clear skin) Set
(Drinkable Sunscreen+Vitamin C)

《Approaching rust caused by ultraviolet rays from the inside》

The cause of blemishes and freckles is the excessive accumulation of melanin pigment in the epidermis.

For blemishes and freckles, it is necessary to reduce the production of new melanin by taking measures against ultraviolet rays, and at the same time, provide the skin with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and regulate the skin environment.

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The combination of NutroxSun™, a UV-protective ingredient contained in Sunshade UV, and vitamin C, which is also related to the metabolic function of the skin and is essential for creating beautiful skin, approaches the rust that occurs due to UV rays from the inside.

It suppresses the production of melanin and supports your beauty against UV damage.

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